DK’s smart? No way.

Today’s special ed recipient of insults: Thayson, the Blood DK.

Now sometimes I pick on people who I simply find in IF or Dal standing around.  Sometimes people give me a little nudge towards the stupidity, and I am eager to find out the truth for myself.  But this little gem, oh, I had to deal with him in a group.

It was a normal heroic DTK run, me tanking, 3 melee deeps, and a healer (who had tank T7 gloves on, but we’ll bypass that for now).  The run started off slowly, but when it began, we quickly knew who was good and who wasn’t.  Our ret pally and enh shaman started to bring the pain, while the DK was “lagging” around, doing worse dps than myself.  But it was cool I guess, he had blues and shit on, and my other 2 dps rocked so I figured what the fuck ever.  I didn’t inspect him before we started, I didn’t bother him about his dps, I didn’t say anything.  I just wanted to get done and get the tanking ring at the end, and get back to herbing.  This DK had other plans, and how evil they were!

We get to the last boss, where I get to pro it up spamming 23242121232421212, yeah I got that shit on lock down, and I call myself a good tank.  We down him of course, and I look at the dps meters.  I’m still beating the DK, sweet!  Loot popped up and lord behold, my ring dropped!  I hit the need button, and then watched the DK hit need to.  Then the pally healer asked if he could roll need on it as well, as he was holy/prot apparently.  I didn’t ask him to heal, nor did he ask to tank, so I should only assume he wanted healing gear through the run.  I mean, tanks get tank gear, and healers get healing gear in dungeons, unless the actual tank/healer doesn’t want it right?  That’s a rhetorical question.

Once I saw the DK, the eyebrow gets raised.  I’m thinking, “Great, another fucking retard DK is here to mess my night up.”  My ret pally, being the bud he is, takes initiative and tells both of them, that the tank ring is meant for the real tank.  The pally passed, and the rolls get out.  I lose to the DK.  I lost a tanking ring to a DK DPS that did less DPS than the warrior tank.  Fucking great.  But I knew I had good people in the group that would take care of him, so I left to put in some food.  Gotta have a snack for the show ya know?

I get back, and my pally tells me to check the DK out.  I find that he is wearing multiple tank pieces, some without gems, and his spec is 71 points into Blood.  How the fuck do you do that?  I didn’t even know Blood had that many talents.  But then, he begins to say in trade, “DPS LFG heroics”.  Thankfully, the shaman in my group quickly replies, telling others that his dps was worse than a tanks, and that he rolls on tank pieces.

It quickly escalates to the DK being bashed by the shaman, myself, and the pally in trade chat, until the Trade Savior shows up, Vampressive.  He backs up the DK, all the while being bashed himself, long enough to recruit the DK into his guild.  From HORDE KILLA to TOUGH CHICKLETS, pro move.  Now all the while through this, the fucking idiot DK is still being assaulted about rolling need on tank gear, and how his tank gear doesn’t equal dps gear.  But he refuses to believe it!  He continues to tell us that his gear is meant for dps, and that he isn’t a tank.  Apparently defense gear =/= tank gear.  Listen well noobs, this guy is teaching class here.

His other defense?  “I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME GUYS”.  Apparently he just wants to need on gear that is designed for tanks, all the while calling a 71 Blood spec a dps spec, AND get beat by a tank in dps as well as just play the game.  But he lags, so he’s cleared of all charges of retardation in his opinion.

This person is the prime example of why people call all Death Knights idiots, drooling keyboard turners, and inbred donkey lovers.  He’s the epitome of stupid, and “casual” player who lags.  He is a Death Knight, and he just wants to play the game.

P.S.  Essence Infused Mushroom is the shit.  Everyone get one.


8 Responses to “DK’s smart? No way.”

  1. Cuddles Says:

    I can’t see him on the Armory. Maybe he already got a name change? (Or maybe he pissed off Vamp and got banned… lol)

  2. Helagoth Says:

    Woot@Vamp for recruiting this guy. Thanks to you, once again I don’t need to remember some scrub’s name, just check his guild tag.

  3. The way I see it, let Vamp recruit all of the retards of the alliance, and when 3.2 brings faction switches, everyone else as well. That way when I get my GM job I can conveniently ban all of the retards from one place.

  4. Floobert Says:

    Can’t see the armory QQ

  5. We lovingly refer to them as Death Tards on the Hunter forum.

  6. Vandalizer Says:

    lolol he used to be in my guild Tribulations, I was the GM of it, it failed hard only cleared naxx10 , EOE 10 and other scrub 10 man raids other then ulduar. But yeah he sucked lolllll

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